sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2009


We the Argentine people* formally request the major networks of the USA access to previous episodes of their shows on their online on-demand platforms.

The "reason" why people outside the US aren't allowed to stream their episodes is that there are international networks/cable stations that syndicate the shows in other countries, so they have legal rights to air a certain show in a certain country.
The problem with this arrangement is that many foreign syndicators do not allow people to watch previous episodes on their sites, or they upload few episodes and with several seasons' delay.

Another problem is that their servers are extremely slow, so the viewing experience is severely diminished.
Furthermore, there are shows which are not even aired in Argentina, so the only way for us to watch them is online.
We would be willing to accept ads in the episodes, like they do in the USA sites.


  • Family Guy, on Fox Argentina's site, has 8 (that's an eight) episodes online from seasons 4, 6 and 7.

  • Saturday Night Live is edited down to 60 minutes, so we're being denied several sketches.

  • Late night shows: only Conan was aired here once, and then was pulled off. Can't watch any one of those.

  • Shows aired by Sony aren't available online at all.

  • Foreign networks do not upload deleted scenes, so those are unavailable to Argentine viewers.

In conclusion, the following 3 problematic scenarios would be solved if IP restrictions for abroad viewers were removed by NBC, FOX and ABC:

  1. Shows are aired but not are not available online.

  2. Shows are aired but their online availability is very limited and defective. Slow, buggy sites. Few episodes.

  3. Shows are not aired by any network. We are denied the possibility to see them in any legal way.

Both the networks and the syndicators must understand that some content should be available online to non-US viewers, more so when you consider that otherwise, it would be impossible for us to gain access to it.

*not an official claim. this petition may or may not be from a single individual.

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